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Quickly & Easily Shop for Top IT Business Products in UDT's Portal Quickly & Easily Shop for Top IT Business Products in UDT's Portal

UDT’s Cloud Portal

Our UDT Cloud Portal allows you to enroll with UDT’s cloud services by providing a seamless subscription and catalog of digital services backed by our extensive network of vendors.  You gain more control over your cloud services by using our self-service portal for all your purchased digital goods, without waiting for a representative.  Our UDT Cloud Portal improves the customer experience by providing complete control over your cloud services and the ability to view paid and unpaid invoices, applied payments and your full financial information.

Within the portal, you also have access to our procurement platform which allows for a highly customized customer experience and easy registration for new users.  When accessing the store, catalog, pricing, shipment methods, payment type, and more can be configured based on individual logins.  You can choose to move forward using a punch-out store site or a customer catalog where you can easily create quotes, place orders and view your order history.  Simply add a catalog of more than one million IT SKU’s from multiple distributors with the ability to handle contract-specific SKUs.  Our catalog also features easy-to-order, pre-configured bundles and standards.

When searching our procurement platform, the top navigation bar is customizable, tag your favorites for easy return and sort products by availability, alphabet, price, best match, etc.  Tracking your account has never been easier with powerful dashboards that provide recent and frequent orders, recent quotes, carts, orders, etc.


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