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Start Your Digital Tranformation Today With Professional Tech Services Start Your Digital Tranformation Today With Professional Tech Services
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What We Do

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Case Studies

As your business grows and objectives change, so do your technology needs. Whether it is bringing new products and services to market faster, streamlining communications, empowering teleworker capabilities or reducing costs, outdated and underperforming technology can hinder your growth goals and innovation plans.

Professional Services: A Trusted Partner Known to Drive Digital Transformation and Mitigate Risk

The organizations of tomorrow need more than just access to tools. They need a trusted, expert partner to accelerate their business transformation and translate their business goals into technology strategies and architecture plans.

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UDT is that partner. Our professional services and technology expertise can help you realize your digital future and execute strategies to unlock opportunities, optimize processes, uncover cost savings and mitigate risk.

We span the technology life-cycle to guide you through digital transformation:

Our process is proven, our professionals are experts and our partners are best-in-class.

Start Your Journey

Advisory and Consulting

Our advisory and consulting services begin with mutual understanding. We use industry-leading assessment and development models to best understand your current state of technology and define what that should be in the future state. We ask the right questions, listen to our client, and then create the road-map to get you there. In the process, we design and architect solutions to best meet your future business, technical and people requirements.

As technology strategists, we will help you:

  • Shape your business needs into IT strategy and plans
  • Define architectures that meet your current and future requirements with a multi-vendor approach
  • Support collaboration and productivity, customer experience, networking, data center, end-user computing and security
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From design to deployment, UDT is with you every step of the way. You can be confident in our ability to deliver the installation, configuration, integration, testing, and training components of the technology that you’ve purchased.

Since we strive to deliver end-to-end solutions, we rarely deploy a single technology. Rather, we design entire networks which serve as the backbone to deploy applications and software and ultimately, valuable content to end users.

We follow industry best practices and methodologies to ensure risk-free deployments. In doing so, we work closely with our clients to verify that your solutions are installed to your exact specifications. As part of this process, UDT receives and inventories hardware, equipment, and accessories to ensure that everything is properly configured. Our technicians then install systems, implement proper log-ons and credentialing, and test resources across the new networks.


UDT’s implementation strategy employs a unique methodology, drawing from our extensive real-world experience and applying that to client needs. This ensures that the solution is right-sized and flexible for any of the client’s needs.

We drive value and ensure seamless outcomes by working in alignment with our clients, partners and our design and deployment teams. In doing so, we engage and drive consensus with multiple stakeholders to successfully implement integrated solutions.

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We know that without full integration of your infrastructure, data, and applications you won’t reap the full benefit of your investment. We also recognize that every organization has unique criteria and needs. As such, our integration teams lead by certified engineers, along with our industry partners, follow proven protocols and identify creative ways to tie new infrastructure into existing workflows and applications to best serve end users.


Deploying next-generation networks and infrastructure creates incredible business growth and value. But, these robust systems often require specific skill sets and knowhow to support and operate them. When clients lack the right skills and resources to manage these systems, they count on UDT’s staff augmentation solutions to fill in the gaps.

Our certified engineers and expert team members specialize in key functions and apply practical, real-world experience to their client engagements. From network engineers, to database administrators and project managers, we have the skills, talent and expertise to help you maximize your IT investments.

With our staff augmentation services:

  1. You maintain in-house ownership of your assets
  2. Flexible solutions that leverage specific skills-set you don’t have
  3. Delivered on an as-needed or project-basis
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Our project management services provide you with a single source of accountability, communication and escalation from experts who understand your business and technology objectives.

Our capabilities run the full gamut: from providing on-demand and remote project management for lighter touch projects; to onsite full-time project management for complete and thorough lifecycle management.

UDT has successfully delivered projects on-time and within budget, for clients ranging from small-to-medium sized, as well as enterprise and public sector organizations. We understand the unique needs of our clients and successfully translate those needs into fully delivered goals and objectives.

The UDT Project Management Office contains a full breadth of skill levels to include Project Coordinators, Project Managers, Program Managers and Sr. Project Managers to fulfill needs across a full spectrum of project engagements. Additionally, UDT’s PMO is staffed with full-time Project Management Professional (PMP) Certified Project Managers with years of industry experience. The PMO stays abreast of trends in IT delivery and leverages many years of experience and knowhow.

UDT institutes a fully proven Project Management Framework of its own, known as the “i3e Project Management Framework” – the framework is comprised of the following pillars:

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Project Management Framework

Initiate, Interact, Inform and Exceed


Review Project Signed Agreements

Create Project Portal Liquid Planner

Conduct Internal Kick-Off Meeting

Understand Project Prerequisites & Risks

PM Introduction to Customer (Email)


Conduct Internal Kick-Off Meeting

Clearly Review Defined Roles, Responsibilities, Prerequisites, Risks & PM tools

Establish Communication Plan

Communicate High Level Timeline Milestones

Document Action Items & Coordinate Next Steps


Initiate Work Schedule

Execute Project Controls

Manage Status Meetings/Risks

Manage Budget

Manage & Publish Project Dashboard


Conduct All Issues/Tasks

Conduct Lessons Learned

Attain Customer Acceptance of Project Delivery as Complete

Execute Customer Satisfaction Survey

Close Project Portal & Archive Documents

UDT leverages a robust project management software, LiquidPlanner, that provides our clients and their projects comprehensive resource management, activity tracking, dashboarding and enhanced reporting capabilities for maximum transparency and visibility into their project’s status.