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Increase Productivity & Efficiency With UDT's Mobile Tech Solutions Increase Productivity & Efficiency With UDT's Mobile Tech Solutions
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What We Do

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Enter the paradigm shift of mobile. Anywhere, anytime connectivity is taken for granted as a guarantee.

As the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices increasingly drives business, employees and customers expect personal and context-rich mobile user experiences.

Enterprise Mobility: Mobile Solutions for Anytime, Anywhere Access

Employees now demand Bring-Your-Own Device environments—with access to corporate applications from their own mobile devices. They also want to move their laptops from desk to conference room without losing access to important files on the network.

While meeting the growing demands of wireless users, IT must now ensure enterprise mobility performance and compliance, as well as manage complex mobility components including device tracking, RFID business intelligence and RF Environments.

Given the nature of wireless technology— with its unrestricted walls and open doors—protecting corporate assets and securing assets now requires advanced technologies that keep data safe, but also give end users the flexibility needed to perform their jobs.

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We deliver the expertise to enable seamless enterprise mobility that delivers the automation, integration, analytics, speed and security to keep everyone productive, anytime, anyplace. Let UDT’s experts ensure your mobile policies and technologies offer the protection you need while still meeting the demands of today’s mobile workforce.

Benefits of Mobility

Start Your Journey

  • Establish a focus and a single vision for enterprise mobility
  • Gain control of your mobile inventory with the ability to provision and track devices
  • Enforce governance and compliance and protect the organization from corporate data loss
  • Improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of support for mobile users
  • Deliver secure access to business resources through extended IT security policies and the ability to prevent unauthorized devices or usage
  • Improve control of BYOD initiatives and gain the ability to configure device settings and policies that separate corporate data from private content
  • Automate IT processes and workflows and reduce the costs associated with device enrollment, software upgrades and application distribution
  • Increase the visibility of mobile assets, costs, exceptions and threats

What We Do

The high total cost of ownership, functionality limitations and security threats prevent many enterprises from adopting mobile technologies. But UDT breaks down those barriers by offering a range of secure, high-performing wireless solutions that increase productivity and efficiency.

Our experience as a leader in security, internetworking, optical, voice and managed services makes us ideally suited for enterprise-wide, industry-leading, mobility deployments. These solutions enable organizations to integrate best-of-breed mobile technologies and provide employees with the freedom and flexibility they demand.