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Implement & Manage Devices Smoothly With UDT's Lifecycle IT Solutions Implement & Manage Devices Smoothly With UDT's Lifecycle IT Solutions
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What We Do

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Case Studies

Lifecycle Management Services: Customized End-To-End Solutions

In order to be competitive in the digital era, organizations large and small must offer their stakeholders access to information and data in a timely manner across a multitude of devices. As an organization grows and diversifies, configuring, imaging, storing, tracking and supporting these assets can become unwieldy and distract organizations from achieving their true missions.

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UDT provides customers with a custom end-to-end solution designed to economically streamline the implementation and management of devices across an organization’s infrastructure so that clients can focus on their core business objectives.

Benefits of Lifecycle Management Services

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  • Accelerate implementation time

  • Improve operational efficiency

  • Simplify management
  • Save administration time and reduce costs
  • Reduce pilferage and lost assets
  • Reduce service incidents

What We Do

Our Lifecycle Management Services accelerate the implementation of your IT investments and streamline your device implementations, enabling you to deliver higher service levels and operational efficiency.

Our dedicated teams and state-of-the-art facilities provide you with the expert assistance you need from configuration to ongoing support to ensure that your technology solution delivers planned business outcomes.


UDT’s configuration center services are designed to assist customers in their complete asset life-cycle management:

  • Created: 2010
  • Location: Orlando, Florida
  • Size: 35K Square Feet
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UDT offers custom imaging and configuration for efficient technology device integration:

  • Minimize on-site configuration
  • Receive fully customized and connected devices
  • Complete customization of all OS and BIOS requirements
  • Configuration for PC, Apple, mobile devices, printers, network and wireless equipment and more
  • Image consultation, creation, maintenance and updating
  • Automation and scripting
  • Domain join through secure VPN provisioning
  • Extensive QA – DOA resolution


UDT provides a complete array of asset tagging and laser etching services to meet your custom requirements:

    • User-provided or UDT-provided asset tags and labels
    • Ability to choose your asset tag data including custom number ranges
    • Custom reporting to meet your requirements
    • Complete asset reporting with Asset Tracking Management System (ATMS)®
  • Custom laser etching with verbiage and logos
  • Asset de-install and haul away service
  • DoD data formatting and asset disposal


  • Secure storage
  • Custom delivery schedule to minimize on-site storage
  • Complete installation capabilities to fully integrate your technology
  • Fully assembled delivery of assets in mobile carts and/or racks
  • Just-in-time/flexible staged delivery to site(s)
  • Asset inventory staging and storage
  • Customized deployments and existing asset removal
  • Comprehensive asset install reporting
  • Custom asset consolidation and logistics
  • Network rack and stack w/ custom delivery
  • HW component installation
  • Complete cart assembly and wiring
  • Green IT shipping as requested



UDT provides proactive, customized and dedicated support to ensure successful technology implementations:

  • One point of contact for scheduling and coordination
  • Dedicated customer support representative and customer coordination team
  • Image/scripting consultation to ensure configuration accuracy
  • Imaging/scripting engineering expertise
  • Operational efficiency and excellence
  • Industry leading warehouse and inventory systems
  • Truly custom device support options to meet customer needs
  • Certified and experienced technicians for solution support

Warranty and Field Repair

UDT’s managed warranty and field repair solutions deliver unsurpassed peace of mind in the event of a device failure. Whether your repair model is on-site, depot, or a truly customized hybrid approach, you can count on UDT’s highly trained experts for efficient and flexible support services:

  1. Spares management program to increase the speed and efficiency with which repairs can be completed
  2. Configure and reimage devices, including reloading the original software and applications
  3. Ticket integration with UDT’s warranty and repair system to create seamless ticketing processes
  4. Fully-certified warranty and repair technicians for all major OEM’s
  5. Customized and transparent reporting to ensure your exact required Service Level Agreement (SLA) metrics are being successfully met
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