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Can your organization afford to lose your data and servers?

During a disaster, organizations of all sizes must be free to concentrate on what matters most: preparing themselves and their families for safety. They should not be using this time to attempt to secure their applications and data. Rushing to secure without the proper plans in place may result in a disorganized effort. The time to start planning is now, before a disaster occurs.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans: Providing You With Peace Of Mind

A disaster recovery plan is one piece of your overarching business continuity (BC) plan that will help your organization maintain business functions or quickly resume after planned or unplanned downtime. UDT’ Disaster Recovery Service will help your organization prepare for an imminent event and as emergency response during a disaster or immediately following.

The BC and Disaster Recovery service is structured to provide five tiers of support, as shown below, to reduce or eliminate potential harm caused by planned or unplanned downtime.

Benefits of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans

Start Your Journey

  • Review of your organization’s existing plans with a high-level gap analysis
  • Certified experts partner with your organization to develop the strategy
  • Guaranteed support before, during or after an event