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Optimize & Protect Your Business' Data On-Premise and Cloud With UDT Optimize & Protect Your Business' Data On-Premise and Cloud With UDT
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What We Do

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Case Studies

Data fuels digital business. Competitive advantages are obtained from not only readily accessing data, but also in optimizing data for more effective decision making and cost reduction.

Data Center: A Dynamic, Scalable and Secure Asset

Poorly planned build-outs often result in poor computing performance and lead to the lack of a high availability solution. In many cases, multiple or parallel investments lead to server sprawl and low server utilization rates.

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To maximize the ROI of your data, your data center should be a dynamic and agile asset: one that will deliver the computing capabilities and provide real-time scalability to match the growing demands of your digital-first users.

Benefits of Data Center

Start Your Journey

Creating a next-generation data center is also about:

  • Making decisions about how to leverage different data center environments (private, public, hybrid cloud)
  • How to best right-size and scale your data center
  • Accelerating the delivery of applications and services
  • Improving data center operations through process automation, insight and management
  • How to quickly modernize your infrastructure to leverage convergence and software-defined models
  • Ensuring that security policies keep pace with changing compliance and regulatory measures

What we do

UDT collaborates with clients to understand their processes, and builds solutions that automate and streamline their digital business. Our technology architects – deep engineering acumen – are adept at building and running complex, multi-faceted data centers to optimize the flow of your data.

Our capabilities range from behavioral modeling, data flow mapping, automated IT compliance and change management. When issues arise, our problem-management solutions ensure quick recovery and network uptime. Our automated systems-based solutions reduce operating costs by managing heterogeneous IT infrastructures for your digital business.

Data Center Solutions


Whether on-premise, off-site or hosted, running legacy and cloud-based data centers can be complex, time-consuming and costly. Our teams have the skills and tools to take over the end-to-end management of your IT environment – including servers, storage, networks, and security – enabling you to drive greater levels of automation, reliability, and performance.

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It is likely that your data center has evolved over time and is not making the most efficient use of computing, storage, and energy resources. Our expert data virtualization and orchestration teams guide and assist you in planning, rationalization, migration, and management across all of your on-premise, hosted, and cloud environments. In addition, we facilitate virtualization across all layers of your enterprise – at both the desktop and server levels – to deliver improved component efficiency and effective business operations all while reducing energy bills by consolidating servers.


UDT sees the network as your central business and communications platform. It should provide a powerful point of differentiation through availability, flexibility, scalability, performance, and security. ​Our data center networking solutions include:


UDT offers intelligent storage management solutions while maximizing application performance and supporting the growth of business processes, applications and infrastructure.UDT’s investment in storage management enables 24/7 client access to the tools and services required for effective and proactive storage provisioning, orchestration, management and reporting across a multitude of vendor storage technologies. Our intelligent storage management solutions enable clients to:

  • Retain data center technology flexibility and continue to manage their storage processes
  • Customize service catalogues to add storage capacity at tiered levels
  • Provision storage as needed, and be billed for actual data usage, effectively converting fixed IT costs to variable costs providing greater flexibility for business fluctuations
  • Deploy different consumption models relevant to their business needs
  • Gain 24/7 access to data on their storage environment without special requests
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UDT views backup and recovery as a vital asset to business continuity.
Our solutions backup your mission critical assets to a hosted offsite repository (cloud repository) with­out the cost of managing a second site.

We collaborate closely with our clients to assess their existing backup systems and provide customized recommendations best-suited to their specific needs. Together with leading manufacturers and partners, we deliver impactful solutions such as backup to disk, online archiving, and backup and data recovery management.


UDT provides a robust array of implementation, migrations, asset management, and protective measures to ensure your cloud-based business interests are effective, productive and secure.

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