• Identify Cyber Security Weaknesses and Correlate Exposure to Dollar-Value Risk

    Managed Security Services
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As cyber-attacks proliferate and their threats magnify, uncovering vulnerabilities and taking stock of your managed security measures is mission critical to safeguarding what matters to you most.

Staying ahead of cyber threats can be overwhelming – requiring evaluations and audits of your systems, processes, programs and applications – often leaving businesses unsure where to begin.

Start with UDT.

Our proven suite of comprehensive cyber security assessments, identifies vulnerabilities and provides tactical remediation strategies that prioritize fixes, maximizes resource allocation and reduces your overall risk exposure.

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From risk and vulnerability assessments to cyber-insurance liability evaluations, UDT offers a suite of cyber advisory services tailored to meet your business, security and compliance requirements.

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Full-Spectrum Evaluations

UDT’s threat modeling platform uses attack simulations to identify those with the highest probability of occurring to determine the dollar value loss to your business from a successful attack.

Dollar-Value Risk Modeling

Our team of certified information cyber security consultants, create prioritized remediation strategies that fix vulnerabilities having the highest dollar value impact to mission critical assets first.

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Customized Remediation Solutions

UDT’s Rapid Response Team possess the skills, talent and expertise needed to quickly help you respond against an attack and quickly restore services from unplanned outages.

Incident Response

Comprehensive Security Evaluations

Engage UDT’s Audit and Advisory Services for:

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Understand your exposure levels and identify weaknesses with your current security programs.

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Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

Uncover gaps in your current security ecosystem and maintain compliance with industry and regulatory requirements.

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Compliance Audits

UDT’s Insurance & Claims Services assists clients in determining the right policy and coverage limit requirements that cover business losses and interruptions caused by a data breach.

Cybersecurity Insurance

Our technical evaluations measure the effectiveness of security controls protecting your networks, applications and people to strengthen your overall security posture.

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Technical Evaluations

UDTSecure’s Training and Awareness Program will help you deliver highly customized training content to help employees spot and manage potential threats while maintaining compliance.

Training & Awareness

Ascertain forensic insights into your data and, if needed, receive litigation support.

Forensic Analysis

Define cost-effective remediation strategies that reduce risk exposure, improves security posture and maintains compliance to regulatory bodies.

Implementation Strategies

Benefits of UDT’s CYBER SECURITY FIRM Solutions

Secure your Systems

Whether you’re focused on transforming your business or achieving growth while securing mission critical assets, having a partner like UDT, a cyber security provider by your side can make all the difference. UDT’s cyber security company, audit and advisory services are well positioned to provide actionable recommendations that help you focus on improving business performance while managing risk.

UDT’s, a cyber security company/ firm – A provider of cybersecurity and advisory services in Miami, Orlando, Tampa Florida, Nashville, Dallas, Texas, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and surrounding area.

Why UDT?

  • Multidisciplinary team of consultants with exceptional past performance experience, deliver powerful and exceptional client service
  • Delivery of adaptable Security Services to meet the challenges of your industry
  • Active Defense techniques identify those most likely to attack you and what they might be trying to steal
  • Real World attack simulation models identify vulnerability points attackers might exploit security vulnerabilities and weaknesses
  • Correlate exposure to dollar-value risk levels
  • Highly experienced Incident Rapid Response Team provides End-to-End eDiscovery engagement and litigation support
  • Mitigate risks, safeguard investments and improve compliance
  • Deliver customized, and compliant security measures

UDT’s Security Audit and Advisory Services are the clear path toward enhanced security and compliance.

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