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UDT Knows Cloud

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What We Do

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Case Studies

Seamless Route-To-Cloud Consumption and Management to Modernize Operations for Optimized Performance and Expenditure

Digital disruption is accelerating the pace of business creating a hyper-competitive business landscape. Meanwhile, technology decision-makers are expected to do more with less all while improving quality, service and experience.

Further straining businesses are constant cyber-attacks and security threats compounding the need to protect IT systems against breaches and unauthorized access.

To keep pace, IT is being decentralized and driven by business unit leaders who often face budgetary constraints, less resources and fewer personnel.

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The antidote to digital disruption is digital transformation. Modern technology leaders are embracing digital transformation to drive business value, efficiency, modernization and a new work experience for a new generation.

Digital transformation and cloud technology can unlock business potential while meeting industry standards for data security, privacy and regulatory compliance. Cloud solutions provision and deploy business applications allowing for hybrid or full replacement of depreciated obsolete legacy systems and investments, freeing up IT support and management budgets to drive innovation and improve operations to be better aligned with the current needs of the business.

UDT provides clients a ROI-based roadmap and route-to-cloud consumption and management strategy to modernize operations for optimized performance.

Benefits of the Cloud

Start Your Journey

Transform your business and scale your IT with modern technology that drives deeper client relationships and accelerates employee productivity.

  • Bolster workforce agility and foster teamwork anywhere, on any device, through the creation of a modern workplace
  • Providing platform-agnostic data management solutions and support from private to public to hybrid cloud offerings
  • Increase client loyalty and acquire new clients by transforming your customer experience using data insights and holistic customer views
  • Automate and scale commoditized information to streamline operational efficiencies and reduce costs
  • Make faster, more informed decisions based on real-time information to drive product innovation and personalization
  • Enable digital transformation with cloud operations, so you can maximize investments on your core business.

UDT Knows Cloud

UDT is the end-to-end cloud operations enabler that has what it takes to help your business capitalize on the digital opportunity and exceed your business goals.

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Track Record

Successful track record developing effective solutions and driving change for notable clients operating in complex environments

Technical Expertise

World-class technical expertise backed by 9 Microsoft competencies acquired
through team certifications

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Manufacturer Partnerships

Strategic deployment partner selected by top tech manufacturers and providers

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Security & Compliance

Integrated cloud and security capabilities deliver cloud-based operations that mitigate risk while ensuring security and compliance

State-of-the-Art Tech

Scalable, modular, interoperable and platform-agnostic cloud solutions provide advanced device connectivity and management infrastructure

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Agile Approach

Flexible and responsive approach and culture of continuous improvement designed to tackle market demands and solve business challenges


In late 2017, UDT acquired ConQuest Technology Services, a leading cloud services enabler ranked among the top 10 Azure deployment partners. Its noted team of 20 Microsoft certified cloud experts in digital transformation and cloud-based security have completed cloud deployments for Burger King, AutoNation, Baptist Health, ADT, Caterpillar, and the United Nations.

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What We Do: Route-to-Cloud

UDT has identified a set of shared business challenges and areas of opportunity where the right cloud technology can connect people, data and process to create business value.

Our route-to-cloud methodology is proven to help clients embrace digital transformation to truly understand, implement and manage new cloud solutions.

UDT provides a robust array of assessment, architecture, implementation, management, and protective measures to ensure your cloud-based operations are flexible, interoperable, secure, and compliant.

Managed Cloud as a Service

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Our Infrastructure as a Service leverages leading technology vendors to offer a reliable, high-performance, virtual server infra­structure, empowering your organization with the agility to blend cloud and managed services with premises-based solutions with Microsoft Azure.


Our Email as a Service empowers you to accomplish more through a full suite of support services addressing needs ranging from personalized onboarding to simplified billing to live and virtual training resources, all designed to serve the rich features offered by Office 365.

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Our Unified Communications as a Service relies on the growing collection of integrated analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web services offered by Microsoft 365, helping you move forward, further, faster.


Our Managed SQL and Web Apps in Azure enable your business to optimize and scale mission-critical applications to perfectly support all users and devices. Proactive 24x7x365 monitoring and machine learning facilitate and foster a responsive and highly available network that you can rely on and trust.

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Our Back Up as a Service, powered by Veeam, provides a remote, secure, cloud-based storage destination for your existing server infrastructures, enabling everything from installing a primary backup solution to complementing an existing solution with an additional target or repository.


Our Desktop as a Service simplifies deployment and management of your desktop environment, making data and applications accessible through a virtual environment that allows you to sup­port, patch, secure, and maintain one environment rather than individual desktops.

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Our Disaster Recovery as a Service saves critical response time by restoring your on-premise data in just hours with a pre-built, fully configured virtual environment, quickly enabling your servers to run within our cloud environment for up to two weeks or beyond.

If you are looking for smart ways to migrate to and operate in the cloud, our route-to-cloud solutions can get you there while upholding your security and compliance.

Accomplish more in the now and the next with UDTCloud.

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