UDTNOW™: Creating Opportunities for Women at Work

According to a report by ADP, women made up only 15% of top-tier managers and executives in 2019. Did you know that women make up nearly half of the talented people here at UDT? In order to continue supporting female representation in the workforce, we have created UDTNOW™ (UDT Network of Women).

UDTNOW’s mission is to encourage involvement, provide support and enrich the experience of women at UDT through personal and professional growth.

UDTNOW’s objectives are to:

· Celebrate the contributions and successes of our women

· Increase networking opportunities for women

· Develop mentoring relationships

· Highlight career and professional development opportunities

· Provide a forum for women and men to share experiences and support each other in personal and professional pursuits

Our UDTNOW Advisory Board will collaborate to develop high-profile initiatives that further showcase UDT’s commitment to women.

“At UDT, we have many women employed in IT,” said Jesus Pena, UDT EVP. “We are excited to develop UDTNOW as an initiative to help further develop women personally and professionally.”

We are so excited to develop UDTNOW and create positive opportunities for women in and out of the workplace.