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Walter Costner · UDT Walter Costner · UDT

    Director of Microsoft Business Development

    Nashville, TN

What’s your work-life philosophy? 
Faith, family and friends are foundational and help me maintain a proper perspective at work. I’m very committed to my wife and three sons as well our extended family and enjoy a myriad of activities with them all. As for work, I thrive in a team environment where leveraging the collective experience is a common practice and I can be a positive impact on others. While I enjoy coaching others, I also have a desire to continually learn.

What do you like best about working at UDT?
I love the opportunity to leverage the company’s experience to build a thriving Microsoft practice. In addition, I truly appreciate the overall approach to operating as a team and willingness to help others.

How is UDT’s cloud offering unique and different? 
Having spent many years in the partner/channel community both within the traditional VAR space and at Microsoft, I know first hand what makes UDT’s Microsoft offering unique. The hardware heritage alone sets UDT apart from 99% of all Microsoft partners and offers a unique perspective to clients.

How does your role bridge UDT and Microsoft?
I refer to myself as a Microsoft quarterback. Whether leveraging contacts to engage UDT sales reps, interpreting Microsoft terminology or navigating their ever-changing plays/motions/initiatives, I strive to bridge the gap. My ultimate goal is to make the Microsoft experience as smooth as possible while helping clients transform their business and drive results.

What is the best professional advice you would give?
It’s not about technology. It’s about business.

How does your role aid the account managers?
In many ways I’m like a Microsoft Sherpa helping to guide them through the confusion and connect them with sellers to help uncover new opportunities.

People would be surprised if they knew you…
I am part of a track family. My dad threw the discus, my sister was a national champion high jumper and I was an all-sec decathlete – all of us at Auburn. Our youngest son is a freshman decathlete at University of Arkansas.

What do you enjoy doing in your time off?
Traveling with my wife, Kim, and spending time with our three sons as well as our large extended family. We are a very active family.

Walter loves to water ski enjoys adventures with his wife, Kim has a goal of reading The Bible this year