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Shawn Robichaud · UDT Shawn Robichaud · UDT

    Solutions Architect

    Nashville, TN

What’s your work-life philosophy?
My work-life philosophy is to embrace and commit to each in turn, understanding that a life well lived involves a stable balance. As a major aspect of personal life satisfaction for most is to enjoy our chosen professions, I feel incredibly privileged to work in an industry that is constantly evolving, seeks solutions that are fair to all parties, encourages life-long learning, and provides comfort for my family.

What do you like best about working at UDT?
The most important aspect of my life is family. As a company, UDT recognizes the importance of family and how flexibility is sometimes required (and always appreciated). When an employee feels valued beyond their compensated roles, goodwill is built between all parties. The greatest example of UDT’s best is displayed daily from my front-line managers in delivery and sales: they each bring such a vibrant spark to the office that I swear, I drive into the office just for their positive energy and enthusiasm for life! It matters, truly.

What are your three favorite new technology solutions?
My favorite three new technology solutions revolve around my interests to remain relevant and valuable to our customers as well as being personally fulfilled. Wireless networking continues to evolve and flourish, security concerns make daily headlines across the globe, and the Internet of Things will continue to revolutionize networking. I intend to stay engaged and current in all three technologies, constantly improving through training.

How can customers better embrace technology to manage their services?
I would encourage all our customers to consider the global value of managed service offerings to increase their overall performance metrics while reengaging themselves in projects that matter the most to their unique business.

What do you think is the next big idea in technology?
I feel that the next big idea in technology will be the continued convergence of technology solutions to solve current problems inherent in daily tasks and activities. Proof? When an online book reseller evolves to deliver all manner of consumer goods, trips to brick and mortar stores lose their functionality. When a tech company exists that is valued greater than the automotive manufactures their drivers utilize to transport individuals, then technology is vastly changing our everyday world.

What client technology needs keep you up at night?
Technology can be compared to a rocket launch: seemingly simple at first, as speeds increase things become ever more complex and critical. Where customers started out with seemingly simple and understandable solutions, security threats and the vast constellation of hardware/software/licensing continuum can overwhelm the greatest of IT staffs. I think the customers who reach out for assistance are in a much better position than those who ignore the evolution of complexity.

What is the best professional advice you would give?
Enjoy each day of your life. Make sure your occupational choices align with your core interests to ever-increase your odds of obtaining fulfilling and meaningful work that is suited to your unique blend of persona and skill sets.

Shawn believes to have a fulfilling position, your occupational choices should align with your core interests feels new technology is like a rocket launch- simple at first but increasingly complex! believes the next big idea in technology will be the continued convergence of technology solutions to solve current problems