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Raul Soto · UDT Raul Soto · UDT

    Solutions Architect


What’s your work-life philosophy?
Work hard but always remember who you’re doing it for. Always remember that if your team wins, you win. If you work with that mindset, you and everyone around you will have a chance to succeed. I apply this philosophy to both my career and home life.

What do you like best about working at UDT?
I’m surrounded by incredibly smart and passionate people.  When times are difficult, you can always rely on UDT for support.

What is your favorite technology solution?
Right now, the solutions I find the most intriguing are those that enable us to automate tasks and processes that are redundant or menial tasks. This can be micro processes used in our own daily workflows, to larger macro processes that affect a larger portion of a project or organization. I think that the tools we have to help us with automation are evolving at a rapid pace and making it easier for us to introduce these solutions to our customers. I also think that a lot is being done today to tie in different technologies together like Storage, Compute, Mobility, Collaboration and Security and to help create a more seamless integration.

How do the solutions you work on help to make clients’ lives easier?
The way I see it is rather simple. If our team does our job right, our customer is able to focus on doing their job to meet their business goals. I know that may not sound very glamorous, but I believe our core responsibility is to help our customers to perform their job optimally and give them one less problem to worry about. Basically, we become a trusted business partner. If they succeed, we succeed.

What do you think is the next big idea in technology?
I have many technologies that I’m extremely excited about but here is one that I feel will make the greatest impact- Medical Technologies.

I’m fascinated with the idea of where we’re headed with these technologies. Whether it’s using text, speech or image recognition along with deep learning to assist with making Health Medical Records, Medical Images and Health Input Data more useful.  Augmented Reality is being used to assist clinical staff and patients alike, or Medical Wearable technologies used to monitor heartrate, blood-sugar levels and in turn regulating insulin via insulin pumps, monitor heart activity and possibly help to predict/prevent a heart-attack (or at the very least, contain damage). I think there is a lot that we have to look forward to in the coming five to ten years.

How does technology accelerate progress in your field?
Collaboration technologies are used to accelerate progress by making our world smaller and more accessible. Communication is crucial in any relationship, whether it’s personal or professional. Collaboration technologies are tools that we can use to increase the quality of our communication and make it better and more efficient. It increases accessibility to team members and customers by increasing visibility and transparency and making us more able to respond or adapt to situations in real-time.

More importantly to me, it strengthens connection and personal bonds between us and loved ones. We’ve all had to work long hours at times and sometimes even travel away from our family and friends. We’re surrounded with collaboration technologies that help us to stay a little more connected to each other even when we can’t always physically be there.

What is the best professional advice you would give?
Always work hard and stay dedicated to doing everything you can to help your team succeed. Never feel like a challenge is too big for you, or that you are too big for a challenge. Doing all of this, paired with a strong work ethic, will always make you a stronger team member and a better version of yourself. And the better you are, the stronger your team will be.

People would be surprised if they knew you…
Play guitar!  I used to play in a band but stopped when my daughter was born 18 years ago. I just picked guitar back up a year ago and working to get back into rhythm. I also enjoy brewing my own beer.

Raul enjoys playing guitar believe in staying dedicated to your team becomes a trusted business partner to all customers