UDT Installs Clear Touch Panels for Walton County School District

Fulfilling Hardware and Implementation Services to Improve District’s Technology

Walton County School District, located in Northwest Florida, scheduled a technology implementation over the summer months with a technology company and third-party installer. When the company failed to meet the timeline, Henry Martin, Chief Information Officer for Walton County School District, found himself quickly running out of time before the school year was scheduled to begin. Mr. Martin opened a bid to search for a company with a quick turnaround and reputable follow through to accomplish the implementation. Upon winning the opportunity and taking over the install with only three weeks left prior to the start of school, UDT (UDT) began the project immediately, worked out all the logistics and finished implementation on schedule.

“Walton County School District has been purchasing hardware and implementation services from UDT for approximately three years now,” said Mr. Martin. “I had never worked with UDT prior to them winning the bid but was optimistic they would provide the quickest turnaround time and the highest level of customer service when undertaking district-wide and school-wide projects. I have a great relationship with our account representative and he has done a fantastic job offering and completing services in a timely manner, which means a lot to me.”

During the bid process, the district was seeking a company with a solid reputation, many resources to handle any volume of project, and willing to work long hours and through weekends to meet a deadline. When UDT won the bid, they worked with a local partner to complete the large install within three weeks. UDT completed the job by the district’s deadline, resolved any issue that arose, ensured the Clear Touch panels were turnkey for faculty use and provided a one-day training.

During this active panel installation,  Mr.  Martin was concerned with the project scale. “We started late in the summer and I was doubtful we were going to complete this project in time for the start of the school year as there were other aspects of this rollout to finalize as well,” said Mr. Martin. “I worked with our UDT account representative daily to stay true to our timeline. UDT worked tirelessly, every single day, until the project was complete and we were able to open school with all active panels installed.”

Prior to installing the new active boards, the faculty was working with boards that were more than 10 years old and therefore, in deteriorating condition and often did not function properly. Following UDT’s installation of the Clear Touch panels, Walton County School District has been very happy with the new panels as Mr. Martin has received positive feedback from principals, administration, and teachers.